Consultations, dates & prices

I see at my practice:

  • In individual sessions, people wishing to treat suffering such as (non-exhaustive list)

– problems of well-being;
– depression;
– anxiety;
– bulimia or anorexia;
– etc.

  • Couples wishing to be accompanied by a professional to treat certain conjugopathies.

– re-establishment of a “broken” communication
– separation/divorce support
– sexology
– etc.

  • Families, when the entire family system is dysfunctional.
  • Adolescents in their difficulty to live this period of life, stuck between dependence and freedom.
  • Therapy groups allowing a more in-depth approach to the symptoms (reserved for people already undergoing individual psychotherapy at my practice). 
  • People (or couples) wishing to treat individual suffering and whose geographic distance does not allow regular visits to my practice, therapy sessions by Skype or Zoom are possible. A first face-to-face session is compulsory.

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