Publication & Research

I am very engaged in research because it makes it possible to verify or prove what one has just said or written.

Indeed, psychotherapy is an area in which many people publish all kinds of articles without scientifically verifying whether their words are valid or not. Only research can prove our point. I have had the good fortune to carry out research over several years, jointly with Middlesex University (London) and the Berne Institute (Nottingham) on the treatment of anxiety attacks and anxiety in general. This research focused on the role of the amygdala glands, located at the base of the hippocampus, and the psychotherapeutic treatment possible when these glands take control of our behaviour.

This research has received good recognition from the community of French and European psychotherapy researchers; it was published in an international journal of psychotherapy (TAJ).

You can read this research by clicking on this link

This research has led me to present it or to participate in numerous international psychotherapy conferences such as Prague, Rome, Sydney, Geneva, Kingston, Berlin, etc …

Since then, I have evolved in the world of research and am now a member of the scientific committee of IJTARP, an international journal for research in psychotherapy.