Supervision for professionals

“Support you in the exercise of your profession using Transactional Analysis”

Goals :

As a teacher and a contracted supervisor in Transactional Analysis, I offer to support you through 3 areas:

1- The “to know” :

  • Establish a diagnosis according to different grids (DSM, TA, etc.)
  • Reflect on situations in ethical and deontological terms
  • Develop your ability to identify and theoretically name your interventions
  • etc …

2- The “to know-how to” :

  • Develop a treatment plan related and adapted to a diagnosis
  • Conclude a relevant therapy contract
  • Help with starting your profession and practice
  • etc …

3- The “to know how to be”:

  • Assert or perfect your professional style
  • Learn to position yourself between rigor and flexibility concerning the framework and the rules established in your institution, with your partners or in your own private practice.
  • Analyse your counter-transferences from your emotional experiences
  • etc …

Supervision procedure:

  • example presentations “role playing”
  • work from records
  • theoretical elaborations
  • practical advice
  • sharing and elaboration of professional experience
  • etc …


Any professional in psychology, psychotherapy or social welfare who has started their professional activity or is considering doing so.